'Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain'

'Integrity is one the most important virtues of a society that gives life to other human values'

'Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching'

What is integrity and why is it so important?

Integrity and ethical behaviour are important in all corners and at all levels of society. On an individual level, integrity means being able to justify what you do. Integrity is taking responsibility for one’s deeds; it is doing what is right in all circumstances, even when no one is watching. Individuals and organisations with integrity are committed to ethical principles.

Integrity is important because it builds trust in both public and private institutions. This trust creates a society that is not only more inclusive and fair but also economically more productive. Integrity is also essential within an organization because it builds trust amongst its members. Organizational integrity goes beyond managerial integrity; it requires that messaging, actions, policies, leadership align around positive principals that everyone within the organisation supports. This cohesiveness ensures superior morale and therefore a productive workforce. On an individual level integrity is vital to establish trust among both personal and business relationships and therefore creates a reputation of reliability and fairness.

Based on this logic ICC Netherlands started the Week of Integrity in 2016, to bring together the public and private sector and NGOs to discuss current matters, raise awareness and promote ethical behavior.

Ramifications of fraud and corruptionĀ 

Integrity and anti-corruptionĀ are two sides of the same coin. Corruption threatens the integrity of the market, does harm to public confidence, increases income and wealth disparities, undermines the rule of law and has a substantial monetary cost to society. Bribery in business transactions distorts fair competition, leads to a loss of transparency and increases costs.

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Integrity requires action

Actively promoting integrity and ethical behavior makes the world a fairer en better place.

Strength in unity

Making an actual impact requires joint action by governments, business, and civil society. The Week of Integrity aims to promote ethical behavior, in the workplace and in the boardroom.


Join the network

Expanding the network of the Week of Integrity will ensure a broader audience thereby increasing awareness on the importance of integrity and ethical behavior.

The international Week of Integrity

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