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The Week of Integrity is the annual multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to foster the exchange of knowledge and stimulate the debate on integrity. A wide range of partners from the private and public sector, and educational and civil society institutions put the spotlight on the importance of integrity during the Week of Integrity by organizing their own activities. Throughout the year, knowledge sessions take place. An integer society is everyone’s responsibility. The 2023 Dutch Week of Integrity takes place from 1 until 9 December.

‘Ethics is the backbone of a functioning society. The Week of Integrity brings multiple stakeholders together to foster the debate, promote learning and make an impact. In the Netherlands, nearly 100 organizations with an estimated workforce of at least 500,000 people are committed to this initiative. We have now started to build a global network of Weeks of Integrity and I welcome anyone who would want to join us in this effort.’

Marijke Wolfs

Founder Week of Integrity Foundation


The goal of the Week of Integrity is to raise awareness on the importance of integrity. The initiative makes people aware of the concept of integrity and promotes the importance of integrity in the workplace and the boardroom, in the private and the public sector, and in educational and civil society institutions. The Week mobilizes parties with varying backgrounds to join forces and increase their impact. It sparks the debate about what integrity means for organizations and individuals in practice. What can we expect from civil servants and administrators when it comes to integrity and policy-making? What is the responsibility of politicians? What are the steps companies and their employees can take when promoting ethical and sustainable business? Altogether, the concept provides for a unique multi-stakeholder model to promote collaboration and constructive dialogue.


The Week of Integrity takes place each year, from 1 until 9 December. In some countries, partners may choose different dates, depending on the local situation. Please take a look at the Countries page at this site to learn more.
The International Closing conference of the Week of Integrity is being held on Friday 8 December in the Peace Palace, The Hague (the Netherlands). For more information on past and future conferences, visit the Conference page of this site.


Week of Integrity Foundation

The Week of Integrity Foundation is responsible for the organization of the Week of Integrity and serves as a vessel for the growing initiative. Since its inception, the Week of Integrity has grown significantly with other countries taking up the concept. To uphold the multi-stakeholder aspect and enable further expansion, the initiator (ICC Netherlands) decided to create a foundation. Its objective is to promote business integrity in the broadest sense, in the Netherlands as well as abroad.



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Conference: ‘Building a culture of integrity in society: Fostering sustainable development’, Week of Integrity Albania.
2019 Closing Conference of the Week Of Integrity, Week of Integrity Netherlands.
2019 Closing Conference of the Week Of Integrity, Week of Integrity Netherlands.
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Foundation Week of Integrity:
Bezuidenhoutseweg 12
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