The number of countries embracing the Week of Integrity is growing. The actual Week of Integrity may differ per country, but all countries are committed to the same goal: fostering the debate on integrity and promoting integrity in all levels of society. Through regular network meetings, knowledge is shared between the participating countries.

‘Doing business today is not just about optimizing inventory, increasing production, reducing costs, increasing margins and maintaining profitability. What matters most is building and persevering a sustainable business that truly contributes towards the development of those who work there, as well as their communities and regions.’

Maria Fernanda Garza

CEO, Ortesia

‘Clearly, there is a strong degree of personal responsibility on individuals to continue to respect the same norms concerning ethics and integrity after they have left office.’

Emily O’Reilly

European Ombudsman

‘In my view, speaking truth to power can start early in the morning when I look mirror, and ask myself a frank question: ‘Why am I doing this?’- and ‘Can I explain the answer to this question to the people who are nearest to me?’

Alex Brenninkmeijer

Member, European Court of Auditors

‘A culture of integrity recognizes the company’s social role and places the individual at the center of corporate decisions and actions.’

Paula Valenzuala

General Manager, Fundación Generación Empresarial

‘Corruption always hits hardest the poorest and most vulnerable. It is created by people and can be stopped by people. Only very firm and united action can work against corruption.’

H.E. Elsa Haststad

Ambassador, Embassy of Sweden to Albania

‘The Week of Integrity is a bridge that strengthens stakeholder dialogue and stimulates collective actions.’

Ardita Seknaj

Secretary General, ICC Albania

‘Ethical leadership means setting high standards of conduct that communicate to everyone in the organization, or who works with the organization, what is expected of them.’

John Versantvoort

Head of the office anti-corruption and integrity, Asian Development Bank

‘If the only purpose of a company is to increase profits for its shareholders, it seems reasonable that on a certain level, stakeholders will question the intention and ask a broader purpose in order to trust the organization whether as employees, clients. providers, investors or community members.’

Gonzalo Muñoz

CEO, Triciclos

‘We are pointing our efforts on the Week of Integrity in Guatemala, as it can trigger the interest of all sectors in implementing a preventive mechanism for anti-corruption and promoting integrity on a public and private level, by promoting discussion and setting common goals.’

Javier Zepeda

Chairman, ICC Guatemala

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