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let’s be real!

DSI warmly invite you to an engaging partner meeting on Wednesday, April 24th at 14.00 in the historic Beursgebouw at Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam. During this gathering, we will discuss a current and relevant topic that impacts professionals in every industry: Greenwashing.

Eight calls to action

DSI recently released a whitepaper titled “Greenwashing: let’s be real!”. This document emphasizes the crucial role of an entire organization in combating greenwashing practices. With eight concrete recommendations, the whitepaper provides points of reference for both the financial sector and regulators to effectively address greenwashing and ensure integrity within organizations.

Join the discussion

Based on insights from our whitepaper, we invite you to explore the following questions together with us during our meeting via a discussion:
• How can organizations defend themselves against accusations of greenwashing?
• Are transparency and direct policy actions sufficient to effectively tackle greenwashing?
• What role do our CEOs and Boards of Directors play in striving for a sustainable economy, and how can we communicate constructively about this within our organizations?
• And, currently, how do we view the anti-ESG trend emerging from America?

Insights into ethical business practices

Whether you work in the financial sector, technology, healthcare, or any other industry, the insights we discuss during this meeting are relevant to anyone involved in ethical business practices. Following this substantive meeting, we will provide a convivial drinks reception and offer interested parties the opportunity for a short tour of the historic exchange building.

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