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The Week of Integrity 2024

Integrity in Sustainability

9-13 December 2024

Exploring the Intersection of Integrity and Sustainability

The theme for the 2024 Week of Integrity is "Integrity in Sustainability." This theme highlights the crucial role that integrity plays in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) and ensuring that our efforts to create a more sustainable world are grounded in ethical practices and transparency.

Why Focus on Integrity in Sustainability?

Sustainability is more than just an environmental concern; it encompasses economic and social dimensions as well. To achieve true sustainability, we must integrate integrity into all aspects of our actions and decisions. This means promoting honesty, accountability, and ethical behavior in our approaches to environmental protection, social equity, and economic development.

Key Areas of Focus:

Integrating ESG with Integrity

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria are increasingly used to measure the sustainability and ethical impact of a business. Integrity plays a critical role in driving robust ESG performance. Companies must ensure that their ESG reporting and claims are accurate, transparent, and free from greenwashing. This involves adopting best practices for integrating integrity into ESG strategies, which can lead to sustainable and ethical business outcomes. During the week and the conference we will explore how integrity can enhance ESG efforts and highlight examples of successful integration.

Environmental Protection

This involves promoting transparent and accountable environmental practices within businesses. Companies must not only comply with environmental regulations but strive to exceed them, demonstrating a genuine commitment to sustainability. By adopting integrity-driven strategies, businesses can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a healthier planet. Success stories from companies that have effectively integrated integrity into their environmental sustainability efforts will serve as inspiring examples.

Social Equity

Achieving social equity and justice is another crucial component of sustainability that relies heavily on integrity. Organizations must promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within their structures, ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and with respect. Ethical treatment of workers throughout the supply chain, including fair wages and safe working conditions, is essential. Additionally, businesses should address social inequalities and support community development through ethical practices. This focus on integrity helps to create a more just and equitable society, where all members can thrive.

Economic Development

Economic development must be pursued in a way that balances profit with social and environmental responsibilities. This requires fostering transparent and accountable corporate governance and encouraging long-term thinking in economic strategies. Companies should integrate integrity into their business models, ensuring that their growth does not come at the expense of ethical standards. By prioritizing integrity, businesses can build sustainable economic models that benefit both the economy and society at large.

Our toolbox
to help you prepare for the week of Integrity

To support organizations in promoting integrity in sustainability, we have developed a comprehensive toolbox. This set of tools is designed to facilitate meaningful engagement and foster a culture of integrity within your organization.


Here are the key components of our toolbox:

Business Meeting
The Integrity Game

The Integrity Game is an interactive and engaging way to introduce and reinforce the principles of integrity within your organization. This game encourages participants to think critically about ethical dilemmas and make decisions that reflect their commitment to integrity. It's a fun and educational activity that can be used in team-building sessions or training workshops.

Networking Event
Integrity Drinks

Integrity Drinks are informal networking events that provide a relaxed environment for discussing integrity and ethical practices. These events encourage open dialogue among colleagues and peers, fostering a sense of community and shared commitment to integrity. To facilitate these conversations, we provide a set of conversation cards that include:

  • Discussion Prompts: Cards with thought-provoking questions related to integrity and ethical behavior, designed to spark meaningful conversations.

  • Scenarios: Cards presenting various ethical dilemmas and scenarios for participants to discuss and navigate together.

  • Best Practices: Cards with tips and best practices for maintaining integrity in different situations.

These cards help structure the conversation and ensure that discussions are engaging, insightful, and relevant to real-world challenges.

Discussing Books
Integrity Dialogue

The Integrity Dialogue toolkit is designed to facilitate in-depth discussions about integrity and ethical practices. This toolkit includes:

  • Guidelines: Clear guidelines to help you set up and conduct effective dialogues on integrity. These guidelines ensure that conversations are structured, respectful, and productive.

  • Videos: A series of thought-provoking videos that highlight various aspects of integrity and ethical behavior. These videos serve as conversation starters and provide real-world examples of integrity in action.

  • Questions: A set of general questions to guide the discussions sparked by the videos and dialogues. These questions are designed to stimulate critical thinking and encourage participants to reflect on their own practices and the ethical standards of their organization.

Business Meeting
Integrity Moments

Integrity Moments are short case studies that combine real-life scenarios with integrity-focused questions. These moments are designed to be used at the start of a meetings, training sessions, or as part of regular communications to keep the conversation about integrity ongoing. Each case study presents a situation that challenges participants to consider the ethical implications of their actions and decisions.

How to Use the Toolbox

The tools provided in this toolbox can be integrated into your organization’s activities leading up to and during the Week of Integrity. They are designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs and objectives.

  1. Plan and Schedule: Decide which tools and activities are most relevant for your organization and schedule them accordingly.

  2. Engage and Educate: Use the Integrity Game and Integrity Dialogue videos to engage your employees and educate them about the importance of integrity.

  3. Facilitate Discussions: Utilize the guidelines and general questions to facilitate meaningful discussions that promote ethical behavior and decision-making.

  4. Highlight Real Scenarios: Incorporate Integrity Moments into your meetings or training sessions to keep the conversation about integrity alive.

  5. Encourage Networking: Organize Integrity Drinks to provide a platform for informal discussions and networking focused on integrity.


By incorporating these tools into your organization’s activities, you can create a robust framework for promoting integrity and sustainability. This toolbox is designed to help you make the most of the Week of Integrity and to ensure that the principles of ethical behavior are embedded in your organizational culture.

Visual Aids for the Week of Integrity

As part of the comprehensive toolbox for the Week of Integrity, we are pleased to provide a variety of visual aids designed to enhance your engagement and communication efforts. These resources include logos, posters, and other visual materials that can be used to promote the values and activities of the Week of Integrity within your organization and to the broader community.


What’s Included:

  • Logos: Official Week of Integrity logos in various formats for use in your digital and print materials.

  • Posters: Professionally designed posters that highlight key messages and themes of the Week of Integrity, ready to be displayed in offices, public spaces, or shared online.

  • Visuals: A selection of visuals and graphics that can be used in presentations, social media posts, and other communication channels to effectively convey the importance of integrity in sustainability.

These visual aids are crafted to ensure consistency and to help you effectively communicate the significance of integrity in your sustainability initiatives. By utilizing these resources, you can raise awareness, foster dialogue, and encourage active participation in the Week of Integrity activities.

We encourage you to make full use of these materials to support your efforts in promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical practices throughout the Week of Integrity and beyond.

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Preliminary program 

Preliminary program 

Preliminary program 

International Integrity Conference 2024

Preliminary program 

International Integrity Conference 2024

13 December 2024
The Hague, Netherlands

Integrity in Sustainability

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