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Partners of the Week 

Over 110 organizations have already joined forces on this important matter. A wide range of partners from the private and public sector, as well as educational and civil society institutions put the spotlight on the importance of integrity during the Week of Integrity by organizing their own activities.

Organizations that are partners of the Week of Integrity become members of a multi-stakeholder network. Meetings are organized throughout the year that delve deeper into themes that matter to our partners. 


For the partners, these gatherings are an excellent opportunity to get acquainted, exchange good practices and gain inspiration.

Find out more and join the network

Becoming a partner is free of charge. As a non-profit organization, we rely on sponsorships and partner participation (an annual email is sent to inquire if you would like to become a sponsor or make a donation to the foundation).


Discover our new partners

Conversation with Wilma Oost-van Basten, Compliance Officer at our new partner Ymere, talks about Ymere’s connection with integrity.

What does Integrity mean to Ymere? As a corporation, we have a social responsibility in which transparency and integrity form the foundation. We see that acting with integrity often already happens unconsciously. However, sometimes we face dilemmas where the answer is not always obvious. Especially then, it is important to have the courage to discuss this with colleagues or managers. It’s good to see that we at Ymere are consciously working on this, creating the tools that can help. What does Ymere hope to contribute to the Week of Integrity? The Week of Integrity is a moment of extra awareness to draw attention to integrity. With this week, we want to inspire people to dare to ask for help if they are struggling with an integrity issue! What does Ymere hope to learn from the Week of Integrity? An open and honest culture is something we create together. Using, among other things, propositions about integrity and acting with integrity, with various forms of internal communication, we hope to make an additional contribution to this open and incorruptible culture during this Week.


Why Become a Partner of the Week of Integrity?

Promote a Culture of Integrity

Joining as a partner for the Week of Integrity provides a unique opportunity to highlight and enhance the importance of integrity within your organization and the broader community. By organizing activities and events, whether open to the public or within your company, you can directly contribute to fostering a culture where ethical practices and transparency are at the forefront of business operations.

Strengthen Your Brand Reputation

Demonstrating a commitment to integrity and ethical practices not only aligns with corporate social responsibility goals but also enhances your brand reputation. Customers, clients, and stakeholders increasingly value organizations that prioritize integrity. Your active participation during the Week of Integrity showcases your dedication to these principles, positioning your brand as a leader in ethical business practices.

Engage and Inspire Employees

The Week of Integrity offers a platform to engage and inspire your employees by involving them in meaningful discussions and activities centered around ethical behavior and decision-making. Hosting workshops, seminars, or internal campaigns can help reinforce the importance of integrity in everyday business operations, leading to a more motivated and ethically aware workforce.

Connect with Like-Minded Organizations

Becoming a partner allows you to connect with other organizations that share a commitment to integrity. This network provides valuable opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective action towards promoting ethical standards across industries. Engaging with peers through shared activities and events enhances the impact of the Week of Integrity and fosters a supportive community of practice.

Enhance Stakeholder Trust

Stakeholders, including investors, customers, and employees, seek assurance that they are associated with an organization that values ethical conduct. Participation in the Week of Integrity signals your commitment to maintaining high ethical standards, thereby building and strengthening stakeholder trust. This trust is crucial for long-term success and resilience in today’s business environment.

Contribute to a Broader Impact

By organizing activities during the Week of Integrity, your organization plays a crucial role in a larger movement towards promoting integrity in business and society. Your efforts contribute to raising awareness and setting benchmarks for ethical behavior, thereby influencing positive change beyond your immediate sphere. The collective impact of all partners participating in the Week of Integrity can lead to significant advancements in promoting ethical practices globally.

Diverse Activities to Suit Your Organization

There are numerous ways to participate and make an impact during the Week of Integrity. Whether through hosting public events like panel discussions and webinars, conducting internal training sessions and workshops, or running awareness campaigns, there are flexible options to suit your organization’s capacity and focus areas. Each activity, regardless of scale, contributes to the overarching goal of promoting integrity.

Our partners

Important Notes for Partners

  • Commitment to Integrity: Partners are expected to commit to improving integrity within their own organizations. The Week of Integrity initiative aims to increase integrity across all aspects of business activities.

  • Not a Marketing Platform: The initiative is not a platform for consultants to find new clients but a movement to genuinely enhance integrity in business practices.

  • Visibility Not Included: Please note that partnership does not include visibility benefits. For brand exposure and other visibility-related benefits, please consider our sponsorship packages.

What Does It Cost?

We aim to keep participation in the Week of Integrity free as we are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ethical practices.


However, to achieve this goal, we must call on the generosity of our partners. Partners who can sponsor the week help us cover the costs of developing the toolbox, organizing and running events.


For more information about sponsorship opportunities and the benefits they offer, click here.

How to Become a Partner

  • Contact Us: Reach out to our partnership coordinator to discuss your interest and potential activities.

  • Plan Activities: Collaborate with our team to plan activities that align with your organization’s goals and the theme of integrity.

  • Promote Participation: Engage your employees and network to participate in and support the Week of Integrity events.

  • Implement and Share: Conduct your planned activities and share your experiences and outcomes through our platform and social media.

What is expected of you as a partner?

As a partner, you commit to actively support the Week of Integrity through:

Activity Leadership: Organize a captivating activity during Integrity Week (December 1 to 9) aimed at increasing awareness . Your initiative can take any form. Be as creative as you want and tailor your message to your goal and target audience.

Communication of Commitment: Champion your commitment to the Week of Integrity by broadcasting your involvement to your network and beyond.

Logo Display: Exhibit the Week of Integrity logo prominently during the designated week, symbolizing your organization’s robust endorsement of ethical conduct.

Engagement in Partner Meetings: Be present in the partner meetings, capitalizing on the opportunity to connect with a network of like-minded experts from various fields including public service, legal, auditing, and governance.

Ready to get your organization involved ? 


Discover the Partners activities during the 2023 edition of the Week of Integrity


The energy transition requires us to be nimble and for that reason we need less rules and regulations. And that’s only possible if we (can) trust our people to act with integrity. 
Therefore, integrity is the foundation of our success. 

Head of HR at Alliander

Heleen Cocu-Wassin

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