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Week of Integrity 2024

9th to 13th of December

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming edition of the Week of Integrity, where we will delve into the crucial theme of Integrity in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) communication. Set your compass to ethical sustainability as we navigate through the intricacies of genuine commitment and steer clear of the pitfalls of greenwashing.

Week of Integrity 2024

Week of Integrity 2024

Week of Integrity 2024

Help us find the right name for the Week of integrity 2024

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let’s be real!

DSI warmly invite you to an engaging partner meeting on Wednesday, April 24th at 14.00 in the historic Beursgebouw at Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam. During this gathering, we will discuss a current and relevant topic that impacts professionals in every industry: Greenwashing.


Meet our partners and learn about their commitment to Integrity. 


Connect, learn, and engage with like-minded professionals. 


Discover the mission and vision behind the Week of Integrity. 


Explore insightful articles, thought-provoking essays, and informative publications. 


Our Partners

Over 110 organizations are already part of the network of the Week of Integrity. Your involvement and support not only show your organization’s commitment to a higher ethical standard but also motivate others in your industry to adopt this noble belief. We need to join forces to reinforce integrity in our society.

Find out more on the conditions and benefits to become an active partner

Discover our new partners

Conversation with Wilma Oost-van Basten, Compliance Officer at our new partner Ymere, talks about Ymere’s connection with integrity.

What does Integrity mean to Ymere? As a corporation, we have a social responsibility in which transparency and integrity form the foundation. We see that acting with integrity often already happens unconsciously. However, sometimes we face dilemmas where the answer is not always obvious. Especially then, it is important to have the courage to discuss this with colleagues or managers. It’s good to see that we at Ymere are consciously working on this, creating the tools that can help. What does Ymere hope to contribute to the Week of Integrity? The Week of Integrity is a moment of extra awareness to draw attention to integrity. With this week, we want to inspire people to dare to ask for help if they are struggling with an integrity issue! What does Ymere hope to learn from the Week of Integrity? An open and honest culture is something we create together. Using, among other things, propositions about integrity and acting with integrity, with various forms of internal communication, we hope to make an additional contribution to this open and incorruptible culture during this Week.



The energy transition requires us to be nimble and for that reason we need less rules and regulations. And that’s only possible if we (can) trust our people to act with integrity. 
Therefore, integrity is the foundation of our success. 

Head of HR at Alliander

Heleen Cocu-Wassin

Recently published

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Partner Meeting & Worshop on Employee’s Voice


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ICC Integrity Books

In honor of the Week of Integrity, ICC publishes a book each year that comprises a collection of insightful essays, each aligned with the specific integrity theme of the year. Discover the latest publication below. You can conveniently read it online or contact us to request a printed copy (only shipping costs will be invoiced).

Book, The moral compass, Shared values in a global context
Book, Integrity and Trust, pillars of prosperi
Book, Ethics and Progress toward conscious
Book, Ethics and Sustainability taking the lea
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