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ICC Integrity Books

In honor of the Week of Integrity, ICC publishes a book each year that comprises a collection of insightful essays, each aligned with the specific integrity theme of the year. Discover the latest publication below. You can conveniently read it online or contact us to request a printed copy (only shipping costs will be invoiced).

Book, The moral compass, Shared values in a global context
Book, Integrity and Trust, pillars of prosperi
Book, Ethics and Progress toward conscious
Book, Ethics and Sustainability taking the lea
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ICC Rules on Combating Corruption

11 December 2023

The ICC Rules on Combating Corruption constitute the cornerstone of ICC's anti-corruption work, serving both as a tool for self-regulation by business and as a roadmap for governments in their efforts to fight extortion and bribery.

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Share your publication!

Our goal is to make information on Integrity widely accessible. If you have a publication related to this topic, we would be delighted to include it in our repository and link to your website. Please remember, you retain full ownership of the content and are responsible for ensuring its information remains current. Share your insights and contribute to the collective knowledge on Integrity!

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RESIST (Resisting Extortions and Solicitations in International Transactions) is primarily a training tool to help employees counter solicitation and extortion demands in the most efficient and ethical manner, acknowledging they might be accompanied by a threat.

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Corporate Anti-corruption 

Corporate Anti-Corruption Compliance Drivers, Mechanisms, and Ideas for Change

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Guide for SMEs

This Guide aims to address these concerns and inspire Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) to engage in due diligence by creating achievable and manageable due diligence goals.

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Guidelines on Whistleblowing

The purpose of these Guidelines is to help Enterprises establish and implement a Whistleblowing Management System, by offering practical guidance that will serve as a useful point of reference.

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ICC Guidelines on Gifts and Hospitality

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has developed a set of Guidelines on Gifts and Hospitality. This new anti-corruption tool will provide guidance to enterprises on business ethics related to these practices.

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