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Guiding ethical decisions through Nature Intelligence

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Inspire new ways of thinking, new perspectives and Nature Intelligence based solutions.

Time & Location

22 mrt 2024 08:30 – 13:00

Spijkenisse, Plaatweg 15, 3202 LB Spijkenisse, Netherlands

About the workshop

We will explore with you how ethical and sustainable decision-making can be improved when we connect with “Nature Intelligence”.

What happens when we include the voice of Nature Intelligence in our ethical considerations? When we take natural principles as a starting point.

Nature Intelligence is focused on preserving life: on Caring, Continuity and Creativity. We will explore what this is and how we can adjust our (ethical) decisions accordingly.


Our aim? 

Inspire new ways of thinking, new perspectives and Nature Intelligence based solutions.


What we ask you to bring?

An open mind, curiosity, care, respect, willingness to learn, listen and ….to look beyond what you think you know. If you have a dilemma that you wish to explore, please share that up front with us per e-mail (



- Welcome & Introduction                                                                          09.30 hrs

- Check-in

- Introducing Nature Intelligence (NI)

- “Experience” NI: Creativity, Care and Continuity

  • Brief introduction of the dilemma (by dilemma “bringer”)

  • Exploring the dilemma from new perspectives

  • When we connect with NI: what do we see emerging?

- Dialogue

- Debrief & Closing

- Lunch

12.30 hrs – 13.00 hrs



Plaatweg 15, 3202 LB Spijkenisse Free parking is available.


Value Creation 

We strongly support the idea of Caring, Continuity and Creativity and therefore we offer this proposal in the spirit of “taking part – giving part’. The workshop is sponsored by ICC and Conscious Group - however you are free to give a “top up”: when you can afford a larger amount, we are thankful because this will enable continuation of our projects and activities.

Care: Please kindly provide a 48-hour notice should you no longer be available for the workshop.

No-shows or late cancellations will be charged a fee of 85 euro.

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