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During an enriching workshop, that brought together over 40 participants, Marjo van den Broek and Manon de Zwart shared invaluable insights drawn from their extensive experience at Rabobank on amplifying the voices of employees. Through engaging practical exercises, we delved into the art of both speaking up and actively listening.

On behalf of all attendees, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Marjo, Manon, and Rabobank for their unwavering support of the Week of Integrity.


Here are some key highlights from the session:

  • Transform the spiral of silence into a spiral of voice.

  • Recognize the pivotal role of informal leaders in fostering an environment conducive to open dialogue.

  • Creating a safe space doesn't necessitate agreement; diverse perspectives enrich discussions, yet decisions must be made.

  • Distinguish between equality and equity, understanding that fairness may entail providing resources tailored to individual needs over time.

  • Emphasize the importance of self-reflection on these principles.

  • Managers play a crucial role in igniting inspiration among their teams.

  • Upholding the voices of employees is equivalent to safeguarding the organization.

  • Acknowledge the challenge of maintaining connectivity with employees as one ascends the organizational hierarchy; proactive efforts are essential.

  • Recognize that fostering employee voice is a collective responsibility; every individual must embrace personal leadership, valuing and responding to feedback constructively.

  • Dare to challenge the status quo; be the contrarian voice that drives positive change.


We invite you to access the presentation materials here.


Let's work together to nurture an environment where every voice is heard, valued, and respected.

Courageous Conversations

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Meet the trainers

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Marjo van den Broek is a highly experienced professional with a remarkable life story. She has worked at international banks for more than 30 years. Marjo is an autodidact who started her career in 1991 in the financial industry at Goldman, Sachs & Co in New York. In 1996 she was transferred to Frankfurt where she was promoted to Executive Director Finance & Planning within Investment Banking in 2001 with responsibility for EMEA. In 2005 Marjo joined Rabobank as Manager Business Control, Retail Marketing, Sales & Product Risk. In 2009 she started as Global Business Manager Corporate Finance. Marjo became Global Cooperative Values Manager in 2014. Her assignment was to contribute to an environment in which staff feels safe to report on behavior that does not align with the values of the bank. In this role she was the founder of the global speak up program at Rabobank. Since January 1, 2018 she is part of Group Financial Crime Compliance where she currently is business manager to the global head of the department. Marjo is an expert on global whistleblowing law and employee voice and participates in several round tables and committees promoting integrity and diversity of thought at organizations.


Manon de Zwart is a highly experienced communications professional with a special interest in employee voice and employee silence. She has worked in the financial industry at various positions over the past 25 years. Manon did extensive research on employee voice for her master thesis at Erasmus University and developed a model on the drivers of employee voice. She teams up with Marjo van den Broek Zwart on increasing the sound of employee voice within Rabobank.

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