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Integrity Impact Award

Congratulations to Alliander on Winning the Integrity Impact Award 2023!

We are delighted to announce the publication of the final Jury report for the Integrity Impact Award 2023. This year’s decision was challenging, resulting in a tie between our Week of Integrity partners, Alliander and ABN AMRO.

In a demonstration of ethical conduct, ABN AMRO, a member of the Board of ICC NL, chose to withdraw its submission. This decision was made to eliminate any possible perception of a conflict of interest, reflecting our shared commitment to integrity.

In an effort to ensure transparency and fairness, and to honour the outstanding efforts of both organizations, we are publishing the complete Jury report. This report includes mentions of both Alliander and ABN AMRO, as originally assessed by the independent jury, showcasing the initiatives of both entities and underscoring their dedication to impacting integrity.

Future Eligibility: To further ensure impartiality, from this point forward, companies represented on the board of ICC NL will not be eligible for the Integrity Impact Award. This rule has been added to the Award’s guidelines.

Access the Jury Report: Discover the insights and considerations of the independent jury. Click here to read the Jury report.

Explore Alliander’s Initiative: Learn more about Alliander’s award-winning initiative that exemplifies an innovative way to impact integrity. Click here to discover Alliander’s initiative.

Explore ABN-AMRO Initiative: Discover the ABN-AMRO initiative, which was particularly valued by the Jury for its scale-up potential.

Participation in 2024: Interested in participating in the next Integrity Impact Award? Gather all the information you need to be a part of this prestigious award. Click here for details the Integrity Impact Award. 

We thank all participants and congratulate Alliander once again for their outstanding contribution to promoting integrity.

Introducing the Integrity Impact Award

A Celebration of Impactful Initiatives in Promoting Integrity

Be Recognized for Your Impact on Integrity!


In a world full of rapid changes and complex challenges, the impact on integrity in our commercial and social spheres is more crucial than ever. In 2023, as part of the International Week of Integrity, we have launched the Integrity Impact Award.

This award is dedicated to recognizing organizations that actively contribute to enhancing integrity in their sectors. Whether it’s through innovative approaches to sustainability, ethical digital transformations, or effective responses to global economic challenges, your initiative makes a difference.

We aim to highlight those efforts that have a significant and positive impact on the landscape of integrity.

If your organization has implemented an initiative that fosters ethical understanding, promotes honest practices, or addresses key integrity challenges, we invite you to share your story. This is not just about compliance or inherent ethicality; it’s about active, impactful measures that advance integrity in tangible ways.

Submission Deadline for the 2024 award: October 30th, 2024

Meet the jury (2023)

The jury for the 2024 Integrity Impact Award will be revealed in Q2-2024. In keeping with our commitment to a diverse and balanced perspective, the jury will continue to feature esteemed representatives from three key sectors: business, academia, and the public sector.

This varied composition ensures a comprehensive evaluation of the submissions, reflecting the multifaceted nature of integrity in the modern world. Each sector brings unique insights and expertise, contributing to a well-rounded and fair assessment of the initiatives that aim to make a significant impact on integrity.

A prominent jury panel, composed of experts from the business, academia, and public sector, will review submissions and select the winner based on a comprehensive criteria grid.


Gonzalo Guzman Chief Counsel Ethics & Compliance at Unilever Chair of the Global Commission on Anti-Corruption and Social Responsibility at the International Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Global Future Council on the Future of Governance at the World Economic Forum.

Daniel Malan 2023.jpg

Daniel Malan Director of the Trinity Corporate Governance Lab, Trinity College. Co-Chair of the B20 Task Force on Integrity and Compliance (2022 and 2020), former member of the Global Future Council on Transparency and Anti-Corruption of the World Economic Forum (2019-2022).


Jessica Surie Senior Policy Advisor Legal / GovTech Economic Affairs – City of The Hague Worked as legal counsel for various internationally oriented companies. Specialized in legal ethics and ethical side of digital innovation.

Why You Should Apply

Gain Exposure: Elevate your brand by being associated with an award that signifies ethical and responsible practices.

Peer Recognition: Stand out in the community and receive endorsement from industry leaders and experts.

Best Practices: Use this platform to share your innovative initiatives, contributing to the pool of best practices that can inspire others.

Who Can Apply

This award is open to all entities that are active partners of the International Week of Integrity, seeking initiatives that have made a measurable impact on promoting integrity. The initiatives should align with our event’s key themes: sustainable business, digitalization, and addressing global economic challenges (note: those themes will be adjusted once the theme 2024 if chosen by our partners at the partner meeting on February the 1st 2024).

Important Eligibility Note: In our commitment to impartiality and fairness, organizations that are part of the ICC board or the Week of Integrity board are not eligible to win the award. This ensures that the award process remains free from any potential conflicts of interest.

While we value the work of consultants and entities with a commercial focus on integrity, this award is specifically designed to recognize impactful initiatives from entities promoting integrity outside of a commercial integrity-centered service offering.

Curious about what it means to become an active partner? Discover more about our network of over 110 partners from the commercial, legal counsel, or public domain.

Ready to Get Started?

Before you apply, we encourage you to review the award criteria and fill out our detailed Assessment Form. This form will guide you through a series of questions designed to evaluate your initiative based on various key metrics, including innovation, impact, and scalability.
(note: those themes will be adjusted once the theme 2024 if chosen by our partners at the partner meeting on February the 1st 2024)

Click here to review the criteria for the Integrity Impact Award

If your organization is driving change through integrity, don’t miss this opportunity to get the recognition you deserve! Apply now to be part of a growing movement that values transparency, ethical conduct, and social responsibility.

Click here to download the Integrity Impact Award Assessment Form

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